The anti-pollution and depollution of water is carried out in the port and Rada di Gaeta by the Ecogolfo Gaeta Consortium whose consortium is: The Company SE.MA.TER. Srl with headquarters in Gaeta, via S. Agostino locality Casarevole snc by virtue of the Maritime State Concession issued by the Harbor Office of Gaeta.

Many interventions were also carried out far from our. Headquarters of Gaeta both in the marine and in the river areas. The Company is completely autonomous and is supported by a specialized worker.

The anti-pollution operations are carried out with the laying of floating pannes of the Mannesman or Covalca type.

The water surface is circumscribed and manned for the entire time of the operation.

In the event of water pollution due to the leakage of hydrocarbon products, remediation is carried out.

Control of the perfect trim of the cream; intervention with the Skimmer for the collection of hydrocarbons; barge storage and sea transport to the transfer point in tankers; disposal of the product in authorized plants.

If there is a very limited presence of polluting product, proceed with spreading in water water repellent material approved by the Ministry: (handkerchiefs - sausages - net, etc.)


1) - Tugboat with assistance boat;

2) - Mannesman floating breakdowns;

3) - Floating cream Covalca;

4) - Skimmer equipped with motor and pump;

5) - Barge for waste product storage;

6) - Tanker for product transfer to landfill.

7) - Truck crane for on-site material transport.

The company SE.MA.TER. Srl it is ISO 9001/15 and ISO 14001/15 certified.